Before even thinking about creating your faucet, there are certain elements to think about which are the name of your faucet, which hosting service I’m going to use, should I use a free service, should I use a free script, what coins are going to be used, how am I going to make money from this and how I’m going to keep my balances refilled. I will be going into detail on each section and it will be up to you if you want to take this further.

Domain Name

The first is the name of your faucet, meaning you will need to purchase a domain name , as this is where people will go to collect coins. Some hosting plans will let you have a free domain name for a year when having an upgraded plan, however if you do not want to take this option, the best place is namecheap as they offer domains for 1 year to 5 years and the prices are cheap for being payed for within only 1 year.

The domain name will have either a .com,, .net or .org which is why choosing it is very important, as it is your business, to make it professional and easy to search for SEO, this will improve your website ranking as well. Depending on what your faucet does, manual or auto, choosing the name is vital as you do not want a silly name, it has to be detailed and matches what your website is about.

Hosting – Free or Paid

Hosting is very important, as you will want the best service for security, customer service and support if there is something wrong with your site. Some hosting companies do not allow people to create faucets, as it breaches their terms and service. People have wondered is it better for free hosting (sub-domains) or paid (your own), the answer to this is paid because on free hosting the company can delete your website or even put it into sleep mode for a certain amount of hours if your site gets too much traffic.

There are lots of hosting companies out on the internet, but in my opinion, the best choices are blue-host, HostGator and inmotion, however these three options are just recommendations and it is best to do more research if you do not want to use these. Overall it is better to start up with capital to make your site stand out and be professional.

Faucet Script – Free or Paid

On the internet, you can get free faucet scripts, getting free stuff can be bad as it is not the best decision to go for a free script because now a days some people, not all, use bots and other third party programs to drain faucets which means bot traffic and also the owner will not get paid as people do not click on links or banners. You can use free script to see how a website will look, but in the long term a paid script is better.

Some paid scripts have great security features, for which is considering the price people are selling it for. We have Faucetpro, who is selling their script for $50 by bitcoin or other methods and Gr8 scripts who is selling theirs for $100, in my opinion they are asking way too much. If however people you know, have the skills to create websites, could ask them to design one for you, which is what the owner of firefaucet did as he used his own design and skills to create a unique autofaucet script.

Coins to use/Earning money

Now the big questions are the coins to choose and the ways to earn money on your site. The coins to choose can be simple as if you created a faucethub account or expresscrypto account, you can get your API key to connect to the microwallets and then have all the coins get connected, the only thing to consider is refilling your balances.

However, to refill your balances is to earn money on your site and then spend it, for which there are options. The first option is referral commissions, as people joining your faucet will use your ref link and you yourself will gain ref commissions on your faucethub/expresscrypto account. Another option is finding advertisers that pay in bitcoin, paypal or other processors and that pay quick, weekly, as if you faucet gets popular then it will dry out quickly. You have to be careful of some advertisers as they can scam you, best options would be to use A-Ads and coinzilla, so if you would like to comment on your best advertisers you can.

You can use short-link services to boost your income, although some sites will not accept faucet programs as you will have to be careful, but some sites today have lost a lot of money from short- links not paying the owners at all, which is why most faucets are not being refilled. You can also add a PTC wall section that will also boost income on your faucet, as this will also reward users.

Another option can be miners, but it is better to not run them as it takes too much of the users CPU, as there is the JSE miner that can be added to your website. This lets visitors mine for you, but this miner asks the visitors if they accept the miner to do this, but be warned most visitors will not allow this.

Refilling Balances

The major question of this article, “How am I going to refill my balances if lots of people either use bots or legit users use it frequently”, this one is a long term problem as mentioned that site owners are being scammed, not getting paid and haven’t got the income to refill their balances on their site which is why most shutdown. In my opinion, it is better to have a full time job and not run be a faucet owner, but a faucet user as if you haven’t researched and considered capital then this venture is not for you.

Thank you for reading the article about starting your own faucet website, now this is just information and it is you to decide if you want to own a faucet, either manual or auto, or just earn crypto as a person who uses a lot of earning websites.

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